Origin Unknown

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Original title: Grünfeld ukjent opphav

Produced for TV2 (2005)

Most people know Berthold Grünfeld, professor of social medicine, psychiatrist, sexologist and public debater. He has never been afraid to make his mark on society and he is as well-formulated in debate as he is good at getting attention. But behind his intellectual and professional exterior, there is a hidden past few people know, not even he himself. Just before the war, he was sent from his home country of Slovakia to Norway on one of the many Jewish children transports.

The personal, investigative portrait of one’s own father or mother has eventually developed into a subgenre of documentary film. Director Nina Grünfeld has set out to unravel the story behind her father’s family. It becomes, literally speaking, a journey back to childhood, as suspenseful as any detective story, yet intimate and harrowing. For what does one really gain by discovering one’s unknown past?