Bente Olav

Formal education:
University of Miami, Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in film and a minor in drama.
Université de la Sorbonne – Certificat de langue superieure, certificate de la civilisation francaise.
University of Oslo – preparatory exams, philosophy, ethics, psychology, and logic.

Owner and producer of Frameline Film AS estbl.1991 – 2012 , an independent production company primarily producing documentary films; feature length for cinema, 52 minutes for television and Tv documentary series. productions ranging from human nature and politics to history, culture and the arts. Bente Olav has across the years produced more than 40 documentaries on location world wide and they have mainly been produced in cooperation with and co-financed by NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland), DR-TV (Denmark) and Danish TV2. The television rights to her documentaries have also been sold to several european broadcasters, such as VRT – Belgium’s Strand Canvas and VPRO The Netherlands

“When Castro seized the Hilton” 53 min international documentary Co-financed by: NRK, Fakta Ekstern YLE Teema/Ritva Leino., With Financial Support of : The Norwegian Film Institute NFI, Nordic Film -and TV Fund, Freedom of Speech Foundation Norway, TheAudiovisual Fund, Norway. Realeased NRK1 April 2009. The unknown story of how the luxurious hotel Havana Hilton came to play an important role under the revolution in Cuba January 1959.On how it, barely a year after it opened, was seized by Fidel Castro and became instead the head quarters and the symbol of a revolution. Through the “ Life” of the Havana Hilton / Habana Libre the film tells the story of the takeover of Castro and his revolutionaries, the first years of the revolution and the nationalisation of foreign properties, also the Havana Hilton. Through The films main characters, citicens of Havana and the Cuban Exile community in Miami, we also learn about the conditions of life under 49 years with the American Embargo, and their hope for change

”War hero out of Step” 58 min dokumentary, co-financed NRK, Yle Finland/ Financed by Norwegian Film Fund NFI, The freedom of speech Foundation Norway, Released NRK1 June 2007. A revealing journey with the highly decorated WW2 war-hero Svein Blindheim, who during the cold war is made an enemy of the people by the Norwegian authorities. The film shatters the myths of Norway‚s heroic war efforts and reveals how post-war Norway was founded on half-truths and omissions.

”The 4th Wife” 52 min dokumentary co-financed by NRK, YLE, TV2 Denmark Tv Rights: VRT Belgia, VPRO Netherlands,.and Estonian Television. Festivals: The Norwegian Short- and Documentary Film Festival in Grimstad, Cracow international Documentary Film Festival. Financed by Norwegian Film Fund, The Audiovisual Fund of Norway. Released 2005 A colourful portrait of a black and white marriage between a German business woman and an African polygamist.The culture clash between Europe and Africa has seldom – or never, been portrayed this ruthlessly close before.

”The Smile in The Eye” 80 min feature documentary with nationwide cinema distribution. Released 2002/ 2003. Producer scriptwriter. Co-financed NRK,Yle Finland/DR-Tv. TV Rights VRT Belgium. Financed by Norwegian Film Fund, Cinema distribution: Sandrew Metronome. Festivals: The Norwegian Filmfestival Haugesund, and numerous festivals in Europe and USA. A story of love, dope, dance, death and hope – a multiplot story of four women who have had their fates influenced by partydrugs. As a leading theme in «Smile in the eye» we follow the story og Stine a 17 year old girl who died of Ecstasy. The interrelated stories of the other three young women reveals to us why Stine died.